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Tough wood processing products including Circular saw drum from AMR, AKM - 200 Kindlet TRH producing fine kindling, the FUEL FACTORY, Transaw 350XL and Splitta ASM 400 Wood Processor creating bagged logs from trees, the Hydraulic two chain timber deck for efficient presentation of logs and the JAPA range of firewood processors.

Four Seasons Fuel also provides Charcoal Retorts ands Kilns for sale to produce coal. We can build for you Charcoal Retorts of any size to fit your budget including single, double and the 20ft containers.

The retorts systems offer a higher productivity and more efficient way of scaling up production than operating a larger number of small round kilns. Our retorts designed to offer possibilities of more efficient use of raw materials. The total output of these retorts is around 350 - 400kg per burn depending on the kind of wood species that are put to use. The burn time is 8 to 10 hours based on (oak, ash, beech or hornbeam) depending on the grade of wood that is being used. This is a lot less than with round kilns. The round charcoal kilns are made from mild steel of various thicknesses throughout. These can also be custom build to fit the specifications.

These retorts and kilns can be delivered in UK. The UK Mainland delivery is included in the price and this applies to most of the mainland.