Fire Accessories UK: Fire Lighters, Fire Alarms, Chimney Cleaning Logs


Fire Accessories, paraffin, rock salt and more

Carbon Monoxide Alarm (CO - 9X)

Chimney Cleaning Logs

Fire Lighters for Open Fires & BBQs

Fortafix Fire Cement

Gas Fired Poker Blade with Handle

Homefire Firelighters

Homefire Paraffin 4 litres

Hot Spot Black Stove and Grate Polish Tin

Hot Spot Black Stove and Grate Polish Tube

Hot Spot Brick and Stone Sealer

Hot Spot Coal Paint

Hot Spot Fireplace Cleaner

Hot Spot Flue Free

Hot Spot Glass Cleaner

Hot Spot Grate Paint (Silk)

Hot Spot Heatbond Fixative

Hot Spot Lagging Rope

Hot Spot Multi Metal Polish

Hot Spot Slate Oil

Hot Spot Stove and Fireplace Paint (Matt)

Hot Spot Stove Rope


Salt - Brown rock salt - 5 x 25Kkg bags

Four Seasons Fuels provides you with a number of fire accessories that you might require for your fire places and bbqs. There are a number of accessories that come in handy to keep your open fire at home neat and tidy including accessories such as fire lighters for open fires and bbqs, fire alarms for early warning of the presence of CO in your home, chimney cleaning logs to help prevent chimney fires, coal paint, glass cleaners, paraffin, fire cement and a lot more.

Our entire range of fire accessories is designed for ease of usage and offers maximum functionality. These will help you in starting up the fires quickly as also will help you in keeping the fire and other places clean and orderly.

With such a huge assortment available at Four Seasons Fuels, it will undoubtedly be your one stop solution for all sorts of fire accessories.

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