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RTS1000 - Single Retort

Another charcoal retort design by Nick Harris at Four Seasons Fuel Ltd.
In the charge drum of this single drum retort the gases were entering into the fire box once lit.
No more fuel was required.
This retort the is a fun to use and a daily burn over 5 days will produce 700kg of quality charcoal.

See a video of this charcoal retort

Technical specifications
This single retort charcoal manufacturer will normally produce 150kgs of BBQ charcoal in 6hrs
Used only 5 or 6 wooden pallets to fuel it in the fire box

Within 2 hours of lighting the temperature was 480 degrees C in the charge drum of the retort the gases were entering the fire box

No more fuel was required and the  temperature kept steady 500-525 degrees centigrade for 4 hours

After that the gases started to relax and retort was left to cool
Unloaded the next day in 10 minutes into cooling bins then loaded again which took 15 minutes
Started the process over again

Manufacture price will vary due to the rising costs of steel prices all prices are a based final quotations and will be held for a minimum of 60 days

Price Options Quantity Price
RTS1000 single Charcoal Retort £18,995

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