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RTS (1000) - Single Retort

RTS (1000) - Single Retort

This picture shows a RTS1000 single charge (barrel)  charcoal retort. Designed by Nick Harris at Four Seasons Fuel Ltd.

This charcoal retort produces about 700kg of quality charcoal during a 5 day burn or about 150 kg for a one day burn.

The charcoal retort is very ecomonical with fuel as once the fire box is lit no more fuel is required because it utlises the gases produced by the wood.

We can build a charcoal retort of any size and options to fit your budget and production requirements (From small single to large double with heat exchangers).

The Four Seasons charcoal retort boasts significant advantages over the more traditional ring style charcoal kilns offering:

- Improved production efficiency using less material to produce more charcoal (It produces a ratio of 1:4 instead of 1:7 of a kiln ring)

- Self fueling. Once started the retort reheats itself using the wood's natural gases.

- Improved productivity. Approx burn time of 8 to 10 hours (Significantly less than ring kiln).

- Greater range of burning control producing a higher quality charcoal.

- Better for the environment producing more 'friendly' emissions than a kiln.

Each retort is CE Marked and has been subjected to stringent quality control procedures in line with ISO 9001:2008 approved status.

We can deliver and commission retorts and kilns worldwide.