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How they are made

All firewood produced by Bridgebrooke Energy is made using UK clean wood offcuts, sawdust and timber direct from managed woodland. So whether we are collecting from a wood clearance in Dorset, the offcuts from a sawmill in Leicestershire or the downfall from a heavy wind in East Anglia, this so called 'waste' wood is conveted to HOTTIES heatlogs.

Once the firewood is collected, we chip and dry it using rotating air driers. Green or unseasoned wood can contain upwards of 50% moisture, something you will have experienced if you have ever received a load of wood that doesn't burn easily. The wood is dried to just 5% moisture level before compressing it to 10% of its original mass. This makes hard, dense, and dry Heatlogs and is why heatlogs light so easily and burn so well - every time. Hotties are the ideal wood for burning in fireplaces, wood stoves, wood burners and chimeneas.