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More About HOTTIES

This innovative UK heatlog comprises 100% recycled wood heatlog. Hotties are proving to be a powerful alternative to coal and wood, providing a price competitive alternative to these traditional fuels. Hotties are the perfect wood for burning.

HOTTIES are manufactured in a bespoke Suffolk factory based near Bury St Edmunds which is powered by an anaerobic digestor which in turn is powered entirely by pig We try to remain ‘green’ woith our positive environmental impact.

Hotties compare favourably with other household fuels. If you compare them directly with fresh seasoned wood, you will see you get far more energy density for your money. Why pay for water when you can buy dried wood with a uniform moisture content of just 5%.

To find out how Hotties compare in value with the logs you normally use, download the 'hotties vs woodlogs' pdf file at the foot of this page. The data source is independent. You will see Hotties are an ideal wood for burning for fireplaces, wood stoves and wood burners.

hotties-vs-woodlogs2.pdf (246 Kb)

The following chart compares the average radiant heat output of Hotties heatlogs, with a regular bag of coal, in controlled burn tests carried out over a period of 150 minutes.

Source: Jetmaster Fires

Heat comparison and value for money

For information on how Hotties compare with wood logs in terms of how heat output, moisture content and value for money balance out, please go to the 'fuel comparison tests' page.