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Blog »  20 Litre Containers of Paraffin

By popular demand we now supply paraffin in the 20 litre container containers which are are very handy where used frequently. Finding paraffin in such convenient sized containers is hard. Our high grade paraffin is ideal for paraffin heaters and lamps apart from its other uses. A single paraffin 20 litre container is £29.99 and 2 containers is £55.
The latest addition at Four Seasons Fuel is the 20 litre containers of paraffin. Paraffin also goes by the name liquid paraffin, paraffin oil or kerosene. Paraffin is a mixture of a variety of simple hydrocarbons and is less volatile as compared to gasoline. Paraffin burns cleaner as compared to the other fuels and the heat output is also high. Paraffin has a wide range of applicability right from a number of industrial uses to use in engines, for outdoor activities as well as domestic uses.

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