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Blog »  A Carbon Monoxide Alarm

A Carbon Monoxide Alarm is necessary in every room that has a fuel burning appliance. Our CO-9X 7 year life CO alarm system at Four Seasons Fuel provides you a warning of the presence of CO in your home through the alarm and LED display system.

The triple LED status indicators show when the unit has power or has entered fault or gone into alarm mode. This sealed battery system comes with an internal power pack that powers the alarm so there is no need of any battery replacement. This alarm works for 7 years in normal operating conditions. For your regular testing a test & reset button has been provided which makes the weekly testing easy. The best part about this device is that it is portable and can be taken along with you on a holiday as well.
Key Features:
·         The detector can be wall mounted or left free standing for home or for use while travelling.
·         This CO alarm is the most ideal device for homeowners, social landlords and utilities.
·         It can work well for 7 years under normal operating conditions.
·         It is very easy to use.
·         The advanced sensor can accurately detect the CO levels to give you a warning.
·         It conforms to the relevant safety norms.
To mount on a wall or ceiling you can use the screws provided specifically for use with this product. You can leave it free standing in a suitable place as it comes with a base designed in a way to allow it to stand freely on a shelf.