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Blog »  A Guide To Keeping Your Home Warm Using Kiln Dried Logs

Well Seasoned Kiln Dried Logs For Your Stove

The very first thing to do is to get an efficient stove. After getting one, you will discover that different types of firewood produce different amounts of heat. During a chillier winter it is important to get the maximum heat from your fuel, which makes kiln dried logs an ideal type of firewood.

In order to produce them, the logs are dried in a kiln in order to reduce the moisture content to approximately 18%-20% per cent for clean and efficient burning. This type of solid fuel is suitable for multi fuel stoves, chimneys, fireplaces and even pizza ovens.

Are you tempted by cheaper wood options? The cheapest type of wood can actually cost you more, because the cheaper it is, the more moisture content it has. This is due to the fact that unseasoned wood releases a lot of smoke and burns quicker compared to well seasoned, kiln dried firewood. Therefore, you can get more heat for less with kiln dried logs from Firewood and Logs.

Why Should You Try Kiln Dried Firewood?

The advantages of using kiln-dried logs include their lighter weight, which makes storing them easier. These logs are also cleaner and can be stored inside the home. They produce plenty of heat, and create less soot. If you have an open fire, you will notice that this type of firewood does not spit and sizzle as much, which means it is better and safer for the chimney.

Enjoy long lasting, warm fires for less with firewood from Firewood and Logs. Don’t delay, feel warm and cosy this winter and stock up on solid fuels today.