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Blog »  Are Wood Briquettes better than Logs?

Wooden logs and briquettes are both good fuel sources for burning. But if you are using logs, these need to be good quality ones i.e dried properly with low moisture content for quick burning and a good heat output. Sourcing such dry wood at an affordable price can be hard. At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide kiln dried wood logs that come with a low moisture content and burn well.

Wood briquettes are also a great alternative and are much hotter, cleaner, and burn longer too. The main advantage with these is that they are often more economical in comparison to traditional logs. Wood briquettes are dry and dense and come with good burning properties. They offer a clean and cost-effective alternative to using kiln-dried or seasoned logs.

Our nuggets give off a good flame at the beginning of the burn cycle which typically lasts for hours. Nugget briquettes burn extremely efficiently, burning very hot with a low carbon footprint and are very cost-effective. These are available in 55mm diameter and are mostly between 30mm and 90mm in length, with each bag pack weighing approximately 10kgs.

The best part about these briquettes is that they are environmentally friendly, produced from recycled English Woodland Oak sawdust which comes from local sawmills around the UK. These can be used in summers in chimneys, open fire pits and glamping sites etc.

Good quality logs can often be hard to come by, or a little pricer, so wood briquettes make for a fantastic alternative that works just as well.