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Blog »  Ash or Birch Wood - What is the Difference?

Ash and birch are both hardwoods that are commonly used as firewood. Whilst birch is slightly softer than ash, there isn’t much of a difference between the two and when kiln dried to a low moisture content both of these woods make an excellent firewood option.

There are just a few differences between the two. Birch is slightly less dense than ash, and these logs have a slightly better heat output. So, your stove will get hotter quickly and the space that you are trying to heat up will reach the desired temperature in a shorter time.

Ash on the other hand offers a more sustained and longer burn. This wood type is suitable for medium usage, for instance 5-6 hours per night. Ash logs will also typically produce slightly less smoke compared to birch. These are more or less the only differences between the two.

At Four Seasons Fuel, we have both ash and birch wood available. We have seasoned high-quality, air-dried ash & hornbeam firewood, dried through the summer in our barn ready for immediate use on open fires, wood burners, multi-fuel stoves etc. These logs are available in approximately +/-250mm sized pieces that are dried in our barns, and split so as to ensure that they dry effectively.

Our birch hardwood logs are supplied in convenient netted bags that have been kiln dried. The moisture content in these logs is around +/-15%. By kiln drying firewood you will find that your firewood logs will burn for longer and benefit from greater heat efficiency.

All our firewood fuel and smokeless fuels comply with the new British standards relegation on fuel emissions 2020. Browse our website for more details.