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Blog »  BBQ Charcoal Still in Demand

The late summer weather still allows us to enjoy the occasional BBQ and thanks to the special effect on the taste of food and the outdoor experience cooking over a charcoal BBQ is ever more popular.

Whilst charcoal may be messier than other BBQ fuels such as electricity or gas, many feel the slight inconvenience if it is far outweighed  by the benefits of using charcoal.

Our British produced BBQ coal is top quality and a good option for traditional barbecues no matter whether you are cooking outdoors at home or are going camping.

Our British made charcoal:-
- lights quickly. using no firelighters.  The lack of use of lighter fuel ensures that your food does not have that peculiar smell. Besides it is environment friendly and overall superior.
- reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes
- burns hot

Our quality charcoal is made using locally sourced sustainable firewood in our own designed charcoal retorts. If you are local to use it can be delivered by Four Seasons Fuel to you in convenient sized bags of 3Kg and 6Kg which are easily portable too if you are planning to go camping.