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Blog »  Benefits of a Charcoal BBQ

When it comes to deciding whether to buy a gas fired BBQ  or stick to the traditional charcoal fired ones the debate continues.
Which grill is are better?

Gas fired or charcoal fired?
The debate has been going on ever since the 'new' gas fired grills were invented as an alternative to charcoal grills

Gas fired grills tend to be cleaner to operate, enable more accurate heat distribution  and  give a more predictable heat supply.
There are those who praise the gas grill for being so clean, heat accurate and quick to get hot.

We prefer charcoal fired BBQs as their food tastes more appropriate.  The charcoal grilled food has a lovely smoky flavour that the meat slow cooked over a charcoal grill gets is where as it is absent in most of gas grills.  If you wish to change the temperature in a charcoal BBQ one merely raises the grill level or move the charcoal around to redestibute the heat.

For those who are used to and love that flavour will never switch over to the gas grills although these are easy to use and less messy.
Charcoal BBQs are usually cheaper than gas fired or even electric fired.
Charcoal BBQs are generally  lighter in weight too and hence are easily portable.
Charcoal has been used for cooking since the beginning of time and there is something positive about following the conventional ways which many still prefer.
Although the cleaning up can be time consuming, with the modern day cleaning accessories and cleaning agents available, this is not that difficult of a task.
So although there are a few disadvantages like cleaning the mess after you cook, it is a small price to pay for tender, moist and smoky meat!
 Having decided on a charcoal fired BBQ  be carefull to buy the correct charcoal ...... Buy our charcoal!
It is Britsh made and `local' from managed forests

Our Charcoal
British made charcoal does not need lighter fuel for starting so you won't have taints on the food. “Just twist paper and light” Our charcoal burns hot and reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes.

Our Charcoal Production
Four Seasons Fuel has been producing lumpwood charcoal for over 25 years. We have our own charcoal retorts to keep charcoal production on our site in Billingshurst, West Sussex. All our wood feed stock comes from local woodlands and reclaimed wood from saw mills.

The charcoal retorts are emission free when the temperature reaches gassing point of the wood feed stock within the retorts which turns them self-enfant and sustainable. The wood gasses from the retort pass to the fire box via the gas exhaust systems. As we use our bio mass waste from our firewood processors to produce the heat for the retorts. We then capture the heat from to our wood drying kiln were we produce kiln dry firewood. By using the wood's natural gases to reheat the retorts the retorts offer significant advantages.
The retorts systems offer a higher productivity and more efficient way of scaling up production than operating a larger number of small round kilns. Our charcoal retorts offer possibilities of more efficient use of raw materials. A 4 x 1 ratio is a normal for these retorts compared with the normal steel round kilns at 7 x 1 ratio.

Why buy British?
If only half of the annual 60,000 tonnes demand for barbecue charcoal came from British Woodlands, instead of 5%, this would provide the financial incentive for the better care of 40,000 ha of Ancient Woodland. You would also get better quality charcoal as the wood from the British trees used is typically less dense than that used for imported charcoal. Four Seasons Charcoal is light in weight and does not have to be 'transported across the world' to get your BBQ. It is also produced from local coppiced woodland which helps keep our woodland habitats in great condition for wildlife.