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Blog »  Benefits of domestic heating oil to keep your home warm

Kerosene is a type of domestic heating oil which is one of the most widely used fuels for homes that are not connected to the main gas network.

This fuel type is extremely versatile with a number uses. Kerosene oil is light in colour, a thin and clear liquid with a density of around 0.81 g/cm3 (gram per cubic centimetre).

Here are a few reasons why this domestic heating oil is so widely used in homes that are not connected to the mains across the UK:

    . It is a non-corrosive fuel which makes it less dangerous than any other alternatives.
    . Kerosene can be easily stored for years.
    . It is cheaper than gas which can bring down your heating cost.
    . Unlike other fuels, you own the tank and do not need to rent it from a supplier.
    . It burns clean without high carbon monoxide emissions, making it one of the safest fuels available.
    . Low carbon emissions also make it environment friendly.
    . Kerosene can produce more heat when compared like for like with other energy sources.
    . Suppliers are plentiful which makes it easily available and at competitive prices.

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