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Blog »  Brown Rock Salt

Rock salt is the most suitable option for increasing traction on slippery roads and is also the most economical means of covering bigger areas. It can be used as residential grit, for clearing drives, and for making pavements safe to walk on.
Rock salt consists of coarse-grained siliceous rock which often contains sharp and angular grains which aid in better traction. It tends to be quite dry and spreads quickly and easily. When compared to white de-icing salt, rock salt tends to be cheaper to use.
At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide premium quality natural salt produced in Egypt. This de-icing salt is over 98% pure and is one of the purest available. It contains an anti-caking agent that ensures easier spreading when compared to other types.
Near 100% purity ensures that there is no sludgy residue left behind once the ice and snow melts. Sludgy residue means the added task of cleaning up when everything has thawed and dried. Our rock salt makes for a cleaner alternative to traditional rock salt.
We have a comprehensive range of products in our collection to take care of all your heating, fuel, and other requirements. Visit us to have a look.