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Blog »  Burner Firelighters

Are you looking for a good firelighter? Denmark made Burner Firestarter is a great firelighter option amongst the lot that we are selling at Four Seasons Fuels.

The Burner Firestarter is a completely odourless lighter that offers a quick and simple method of getting the fire going in your Fireplace, Stove or BBQ. They come in the form of odourless sachets and are easy and absolutely safe to use. All you need to do is pop these in and they will do the rest.

Classified as non-hazardous and non-poisonous, Burner Firestarter come with a low controlled flame that burns amidst charcoal or wood. The concentrated flame within a confined area speeds up the process. These sachets have a large surface area, which increases the amount of heat produced and prevents the fire lighter from choking itself in the ashes.

The best part about these firelighters is that they can light up even if they have been exposed to water or humidity, which is often the case if you are travelling.

The Burner Firestarters come in a tube of 100 sachets.

At Four Seasons, we vouch for this product. If you are looking for a good Firestarter, we would definitely recommend this one. Visit the website to place your order.