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Blog »  Do smoking chips only add flavour?

BBQ Smoking Woodchips enhance the flavour of your food, taking your barbecue experience to the next level. But did you know that these chips not only add flavour but can also change the way your food appears? Shows like MasterChef have inspired many to try to ensure their food looks as good as it tastes. And if you are having a barbecue or party, you will definitely want your food to be Instagram-worthy.

If your focus is on how your plate looks, don’t just make use of wood chips to add flavour, go beyond that and utilise them in order to add an appealing colour to your meat too! Some smoking chips such as oak or hickory can lend a really rich and dark mahogany colour tone to meat. Whereas apple wood does not only add a distinct sweetness to your poultry but can also turn the chicken skin to an appetising shade of dark brown.

And if you are an adventurous soul, you might want to give mixing-and-matching a try and combine the best of different woods. Hickory with apple or cherry for instance will not only up the taste but will also give a golden-brown finish to your meat.

Come check our website to have a look at the options and try your hand at playing around with the different smoking chips!