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Blog »  Eco-friendly Briquettes

At Four Seasons Fuel, we offer eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable solutions as much as possible. For instance, we have coffee logs that are made from waste coffee grounds. We also have smokeless coal, nuggets and heat logs and many other similar items manufactured and sourced in ways that are better for the environment.
Our Eco Briquettes is another eco-friendly product that comes with several benefits. Why do we recommend our Eco Briquettes?
  • Environment-friendly & renewable energy fuel source
  • Compared to other solid fuels, economical and cheaper
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Versatile use with open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners, chimneys or camping sites
  • Non-hazardous
  • Natural wood product with no artificial additives
  • ow moisture content
  • High heat output
  • urns for a long time
  • Consistent burning efficiency
  • Low ash levels and emissions
  • Dry and highly calorific 
  • Easy to light with a small amount of kindling
  • Heat up within no time and reach high temperatures within 10 minutes
  • Lower residues mean cleaner chimneys and flues
These eco-friendly nuggets give off a warm, healthy flame at the beginning of the burn cycle and have an extended burning capacity ensuring that you do not need to keep on adding briquettes or logs frequently during a single use. In a closed appliance where the air supply is adjustable, these burn even longer and provide plenty of heat and glow.
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