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Blog »  Features of recycled Hotties Heat Logs

Hotties are an innovative UK product that are comprised of 100% recycled wood and manufactured in a bespoke Suffolk factory based near Bury St Edmunds. Hotties are an eco-friendly product sourced in the UK from sustainably managed forests with a green manufacturing process too - powered from an anaerobic digestor!
Heat logs make a compelling alternative to coal and wood, on their own or alongside. These are cheaper than the traditional fuels and make the perfect wood for burning.
 So what makes hotties so good?
· These compare favourably with other household fuels
· Good energy density
· Eco-friendly, powerful and reliable
· Made from UK sourced 100% recycled wood
· Better priced alternative to coal and wood
· Less than 5% moisture content
· Minimal ash and smoke output
· Easy to store and stack
· Light up quickly
· Easy and clean to handle
· No sparkling or spitting or sparking
· Non-toxic and does not contain any additives
· Low ash residue
· Suitable for multiple appliances such as stoves, fireplaces and chimneys
So if you are after a cost-effective, highly efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional coal and hardwood, visit us at Four Seasons Fuel. Hotties and other fuels can be purchased and delivered by the bag, part or full pallet.