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Blog »  Find a variety of smoking wood chips

BBQ Smoking Wood Chips are a great way of giving your food the perfect flavour to enhance the whole barbecue experience.
At Four Seasons Fuels we have a fantastic range of BBQ/Smoking Wood Chips for either hot or cold smoking. The variety of smoking wood chips flavours includes the following:
Alder gives off a very light flavour that is best suited for fish and poultry.
Apple again has a relatively mild flavour and gives your food a distinct sweetness. Apple suits well for poultry and pork. It can turn the chicken skin to dark brown.
Oak is strong but not overpowering. It can be used to bring in a distinct flavour to beef or lamb.
Cherry, on the other hand, has a sweet, mild flavour that goes well with almost everything. Cherry wood is very commonly used for smoking.
To take your food smoking to the next level, select any of our tasty flavours Smoking Wood Chunks. Head to the section on our website for more information on these products.