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Four Seasons Fuels provides you with fire accessories that you might require for your fireplaces and BBQs. Amongst these are firelighters which are the easiest means of getting your fire started. These do not require paper or any other liquid, so you don’t have to worry about any peculiar odours. At Four Seasons Fuels, we have quite a few good firelighter options:
Homefire firelighters provide a fast and reliable ignition of house coal, smokeless fuel, logs, and charcoal. These are easy to light, are odourless, and provide a smokeless flame. Perfect for multi-fuel stoves, open fires, cookers, boilers, heaters, wood burners, etc.

We also have Eco wood wool firelighters that come with matches inside. These wood wool firelighters are light, burn quickly, and are also odourless. More importantly, these are biodegradable making them eco-friendly. These burn hotter and help you get the fire going quickly without much effort. Natural wood firelighters made from wood shaving strands come with outstanding lighting properties. These are perfect for lighting grills, outdoor fireplaces, wood stoves, and hearths, etc.

They offer an effective burning time, with one roll capable of burning a flame for 10 minutes. Wood wool firelighters are a natural, handmade product that is free of any dangerous chemical substances, is environmentally friendly and is suitable for storage indoors. Our entire range of fire accessories is designed for ease of usage and offers maximum functionality. With such a huge assortment available at Four Seasons Fuels, it will undoubtedly be your one-stop solution for all sorts of fire accessories.