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Blog »  Fire Alarms & CO Alarms

Four Seasons Fuels is your one-stop solution for everything fire related, right from fuels to cleaning accessories, alarms, firelighters and a lot more. Most important in any property - and especially one with an open fire or stove is a working fire alarm.
Fire alarms have time and again proven their worth in saving lives. Sensing smoke, and heat these hard wired or battery powered devices can alert you in case a fire has started somewhere in the premises. A fire alarm is an investment that no one should compromise on, especially those who have traditional fireplaces or wood burning stoves.
An accessory of equal importance is a carbon monoxide alarm - a legal requirement in many buildings. At Four Seasons Fuels, we keep nothing but the best quality products in our collection. Check out our CO-9X carbon monoxide alarm. This carbon monoxide detector can provide you with an early warning of the presence of CO in your home. This alarm has an internal power pack that powers the alarm and can last up to 7 years in normal operating conditions, saving you the hassle of replacing a battery.
It has an in-built test & reset button which makes weekly testing easy for you and also has an automatic self-diagnostic check. There is a triple LED display that shows power, fault and alarm. The best part about this alarm is that it is portable and can be installed wherever required. It is ideal for homeowners, landlords and utilities.
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