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Need a quick fix for your fireback or brickwork repairs? Our pliable adhesive black fire cement is designed for general sealing and repair work where high-temperature resistance is necessary. This putty-like cement is easy to use and is available in 500g and 1kg containers. This product is uniquely formulated and recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers throughout the world.


· Patching and repairing of firebacks and brickwork
· Sealing of internal flue pipes
· Gas-tight assembly
· Installation and maintenance of boilers, fires, flues, stoves or ranges.


· Handy and easy to use
· Water based
· Non-toxic
· Heat resistance up to 1400°C (2550°F)
· Paste-like consistency
· Exposure to operational heat strengthens the bond
· Fills in cracks and provides tight joints to control fumes and smoke
· Good adhesive properties
· Can be used on a variety of surfaces such as metal, fire bricks, concrete, and other masonry materials

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