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Blog »  Guide to choosing smokeless fuel briquettes

Why choose smokeless fuel briquettes
Our smokeless fuel briquettes at Four Seasons Fuel make the best quality fuel option for domestic use. There are various advantages to the smokeless briquettes that make them preferable over the other fuel options. Here are a few.
Easy to light 
Good heat output 
Burns longer
Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas and emit up to as much as 80% less smoke
These leave less ash residue and also emit lesser amount of Co2
Reduced expenditure on heating bills
Their uses include:
These are suitable for room heaters
Closed appliances
Multi fuel stoves

Smokeless fuel briquettes  are available in 10Kg and 25Kg bags at Four Seasons Fuels. We provide FREE LOCAL delivery on orders over £30 to specific postcodes.
Visit our website to check our delivery areas.
You can also simple 'Click & Collect' when you order online, and we prepare it for you to collect it from our yard.
Visit us for more details.