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Blog »  Guide to household coal

Traditional House Coal: This premium quality variety is best suited for domestic use with open fire or multi-fuel appliance. This native mined house coal provides long flames and low ash output. This is however not the smokeless type and hence not suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas.

Homefire ecoal: This grade of coal is the smokeless variant and the very first variety that uses 30% of its raw materials from renewable resources. These renewable materials come from plants that absorb much of the carbon dioxide that is released when solid fuel burns making it environment friendly. This grade of coal provides a lot more heat comparatively and as much as 80% less smoke emission. This is usable in certain smoke control areas.

Homefire ovals: This variant provides the option for open fires and multi fuel stoves. Homefire provides you with all the traditional benefits of a real fire with the added advantage of easily controllable, prolonged and high heat. This grade of coal is again smokeless and suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas.

Homefire: Homefire is one of the most popular kinds available and is a market leader amongst the smokeless coal grades. This is best suited for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. The heat output is 30% higher and lasts at least 40% longer, compared to house coal and produces up to 80% less smoke.

Taybrite Smokeless Coal: This Smokeless Coal variant is a multi-purpose smokeless fuel and is value for money. This is one of the best options for multi fuel stoves and multi fuel Rayburner boilers. Again the heat output smoke emission and long burning capacity is far higher making this a good choice. This grade of coal is suitable for burning in Smoke Control Areas.