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Blog »  Hardwood Logs for Clean Burning

There is a vast variety of hardwood logs. However, for the purpose of burning, you need to choose well as all woods do not burn in the same way. While some burn hotter and slower, there are those that burn cleaner than others. There are certain types of woods that create a lot of smoke and there are those that have sap or resin which may clog your chimney.

If you are looking for the perfect variety for your fireplace or wood stove, you need wood that burns hot and steadily, produces more heat and ideally burns completely. For this specific purpose, the best variety of hardwoods is a mix of Birch, Ash & Hornbeam. These are better suited in comparison to softwoods that are often used such as pine and cedar.

These hardwood logs are often kiln dried, which allows them to burn much cleaner than standard logs. Dried logs with minimum moisture content do not leave flue or chimney residue and burn with a very high heat output. At Four Seasons Fuel, these hardwood logs are available in +/-(250mm) size split and air dried.

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