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Blog »  High quality Barbecue (BBQ) charcoal

At Four Seasons Fuels we provide comprehensive fuel solutions to suit all your requirements be it heating your homes, firing up your grills, for commercial use etc. We also have a wide number of fire accessories such as fire alarms, firelighters, polish, glass cleaners, chimney cleaning logs and a lot more. If you are looking for fine quality BBQ charcoal, we have the finest variety available.
At Four Seasons Fuels, we produce our own BBQ charcoal in our in house charcoal retorts designed by us. Our premium lump charcoal is of finest quality. It lights up without any hassle and burns for a long time. Our charcoal lights up with a simple burning paper and does not need any lighter fuel so that there are no taints on the food. It burns hotter and reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes.
Since our charcoal is locally produced it is good for the environment and leaves a very low carbon footprint. It is produced from local coppiced woodland which helps keep our woodland habitats in great condition for wildlife.
Our BBQ charcoal comes packed in 3Kg and 6Kg bags and we supply to a number of areas. Have a look at the list of our supply areas on our website.
Browse through our Charcoal, wood and other fuels website for more details.