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Blog »  HotSpot Glass Cleaner

Hotspot Glass Cleaner cleans tough spots where household window cleaners fail. It is an effective product if you are facing issues with stubborn stains. This product is easy to use and works quickly and efficiently. It is to be applied on cleaned and cool surfaces. After leaving it on for up to five minutes you need to wipe it off with a damp cloth, by rubbing gently. You need to then polish it with an absorbent cloth or tissue. In the case of stubborn stains, the process has to be repeated using a nylon scouring pad.

Benefits of this product: 
  • Hotspot cleaner is a foaming formula that easily sticks to vertical surfaces
  • It dissolves smoke stains easily
  • Works well on tar or creosote deposits as well
  • It can be used on wood, coal, or oil burning stoves, glass fire screens, etc
  • Does not damage painted or enamelled surrounds
  • A foaming formula that will stick to vertical surfaces to dissolve smoke stains and tar/creosote deposits
  • Ozone friendly propellant.
The Hotspot glass cleaner is designed specifically and works well to remove smoke stains and tar or creosote deposits. We have a number of other cleaning agents in our collection. Visit us to have a look at our product range.