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Blog »  Hotspot Grate Polish

Are your old grates, cast iron fireplaces, or stoves looking tired and overbeaten? Hotspot Polish is the perfect solution to making your old grates and stoves look as good as new with minimum effort. An excellent product that is easy to apply, it will provide full coverage to minor scratches and blemishes while also bringing your old items back to life.

The Hotspot Black Grate Polish is a water-based polish that is effective on cast iron appliances. It contains microscopic colour pigments in the polish which bond with the stove surface to hide minor blemishes and improve appearance.

It is simple to use and can be easily applied with a soft cloth and can be buffed afterwards to give a rich matt black finish. Hotspot Black Stove and Grate Polish provides excellent coverage and hides rust and blemishes very well. It can bring age-old items back to life, including old cast iron fireplace interiors and old stoves with a reasonably good finish.

It is suitable for grates, stoves, and other cast iron items, and as per customer reviews this product can also be used on outdoor railings and gates to produce an attractive lustre. The best part about the product quality is that the lustrous black finish does not rub off when dry.
If you have an appliance or old cast iron fireplace that is in need of a lovely, smooth sheen, this is definitely your go-to product. Browse our selection of fuel solutions and related products in the online shop and contact us today with any queries.