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Blog »  Hotties Heat Logs

When it comes to heat logs, the lower the moisture content and the higher the density, the better they will burn and for a longer time.
Hotties heat logs offer just that. They have a much lower moisture content than regular heat logs and are much denser. These logs are made from raw materials like compressed sawdust and wood chips.
Considering what they are comprised of, they are also lighter in weight and easier to carry. Hotties heat logs do not leave too much ash residue, which means your stoves and chimneys remain cleaner for longer.
Since these logs do not crumble or expand due to heat, they burn brighter and for longer. The heat they emit is consistent and powerful.
Since these logs are quite big - 70mm in width and 200mm in length, you don’t need to use too many logs. One log per fire is good enough.
While hardwood heat logs take less time to get started, they do affect the environment and leave behind a lot of residue for you to clean up. On the other hand, Hotties heat logs might take a little longer to get started, but once burnt, they will not diminish their spark for a really long time.
People in the UK market are more aware of hardwood heat logs, and hence they are more popular as of today. The goal is to try and convert the maximum number of people into using hotties heat logs so as to save the environment as much as possible.