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Blog »  How to use Fortafix Fire Cement

Fortafix fire cement is a flexible adhesive with a putty-like consistency. Available in 500g and 1kg containers, this non-toxic water-based solution can easily withstand heat up to 1400°C (2550°F) temperature. It is an excellent option for general sealing and repair in high-temperature resistance areas. Uniquely formulated, this cement is recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers.
What is the right way of using this cement for the best results?
    •    Thoroughly degrease and clean the surface well to ensure that it is free of any contamination.
    •    Remove crumbly areas (if any) and brush the concrete well.
    •    Fortafix cement can be used directly from the tub pre-mixed.
    •    Apply with a trowel, knife or any other suitable tool and work well into the area. This should ideally be done within 5-10 mins of opening.
    •    The cement hardens by air drying.
    •    Operational heat improves and strengthens seals and joints.
    •    Initial heat application should be completed within a 3-4 hour period after which it can be gradually increased to full operating temperature.
    •    Fill and smooth any fine cracks wherever necessary.
    •    Clean spillages immediately before setting.
    •    Clean all the equipment, containers and tools immediately with water after application.

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