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Blog »  Kiln Dried Logs for Burning Best

Choosing the right kind of firewood for burning is very important as this choice of wood determines the kind of fire your will have. Kiln dried logs are those that have been dried out properly and hence burn clean and hot produce very little smoke.
Freshly cut wood has a lot of moisture content and hence takes time to start up since first the moisture content has to burn up only after which enough heat can be produced. Seasoned logs are dried over a period of time and have low moisture content because of which they have a better heat output. If you then take seasoned logs and dry them in a filn the resulting kiln dried logs are the best. They light quickly, burn hot and with less smoke.
Logs can also be of two types; those made of hardwood or softwood. Hardwoods, because of higher density burn hotter and for a longer time. Softwoods burn a little faster as compared to hardwoods yet can heat homes effectively. The choice of wood is especially important since the heat generated depends on the weight. Seasoned hardwood weighs about twice as much as the same volume of softwood, and also contains almost twice as much heat.

Firewood logs are available in various quantities from small sacks, through barrow bags and bulk bags to loose loaded in a delivery lorry. These logs can either be collected from our yard in Billingshurst or we can deliver locally to us.

See our full range of firewood and choose what suits you best.