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Blog »  Kindling to Keep your Fire Going

Getting a fire started and maintaining it later on requires a systematic use of resources to keep it up and running. Once the tinder is burning, adding some more dry flammable materials becomes necessary. These flammable materials that are added later on are known as kindling.

Kindling, which can be made from small dry twigs, tree bark, dead tree branches and sticks, is typically larger than tinder, and helps you to keep the fire going. Good quality kindling lights up easily once placed in the fire.

Kindling products help create a perfectly stable fire, which can be difficult to achieve if the tinder is not supported by additional fueling materials.

The kindling needs to be thoroughly dry to make it effective. Fallen twigs and sticks are great examples of kindling. Apart from these you also have pinecones, dried orange peels, and cedar barks etc.
At Four Seasons fuels we have a range of firewood and kindling products that can provide the perfect solution to ensuring your fire continues to burn well. Our kindling includes soft spruce kiln dried logs with moisture of 5%+. Visit our website for more details on our kindling and wood burning logs.