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Blog »  Protect Against Chimney Fires with HOTSPOT FLUE FREE

Chimney fires are one of the most common hazards associated with solid fuel fires and stoves. The likelihood is further increased with poorly maintained chimneys or chimneys that are left unattended for long. Fires in the chimney are dangerous and can not only cause substantial damage to the property but can cause injuries too. This is a problem for most solid fuel stoves and fires.
The most common cause of chimney fires is due to the creosote deposits that build up inside the chimney during regular use. These can catch light due to flying embers and burn inside the chimney.
Creosote deposits accumulate due to the residue that coats the inside of the chimney. If not removed at regular intervals, it can than start to become hazardous.
Annual chimney cleaning and chimney sweeps are necessary for chimney maintenance. But in between that you can always make use of a product such as Hotspot Flue Free, a specially formulated granular deposit conditioner that breaks down creosote and tar deposits.
Hotspot Flue Free helps to maintain clean chimneys with the following features:
  • Flue Free is carried up the chimney by the flue gases, reacting with the creosote/tar to ” fluidise” it. 
  • This action weakens the bond to the chimney surface, and in many cases this causes lumps of creosote to just fall off.
  • Suitable for all wood stoves
  • Very efficient
  • Lowers fuel consumption with a cleaner and more efficient chimney
  • Non-corrosive, and can increase protection against corrosion
  • Can be used with all flues.
  • Reduces the risk of chimney fires
  • A cleaner fire through an efficient chimney is better for the environment.

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