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Blog »  Seasoned Logs Vs Wood Briquettes

Our seasoned logs are quality locally forested hadwood logs including ash, oak and birch. These are dried all summer in our barns and all are cut to approx 9.5 inches. The moisture content of our seasoned logs is +/- 22%.  

Our briquettes are not made on site. They come in two forms; Hotties Heatlogs and Nuggett briquettes.
Our hotties are made from compressed, dried recycled clean wood burn very hot, clean, are easy to handle and fit into even the smaller wood burning stoves.
Nuggett briquettes are produced from recycled English woodland oak sawdust from local saw mills around the UK.
The nuggets burn efficiently and, compared to burning seasoned logs, have a higher heat output, a low carbon foortprint and are very cost effective and clean alternative to using seasoned logs.

In summary the comparison between the wooden logs and briquettes is:-
- Briquettes are lighter in weight and cheaper and easier to store and handle.
- The moisture content of briquettes can be as low as 10% while the moisture content of the seasoned logs can be +/- 22%.
- Briquettes burn quicker and provide a better heat output and burn cleaner and emission free too.
- Briquettes start to burn more quickly than logs.
-  Briquettes leave less ash after burning.

Although the wood briquettes hold more advantages over seasoned logs, our logs are uniformly cut pieces with more or less the same moisture content and provide a good heat output as compared to the normal logs.

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