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Blog »  Siberian Larch/Spruce Hot Tub: Luxury at your doorstep!

The wood clad hot tub comes in either Siberian larch or spruce and is literally added luxury in your our garden. The minimalist design is created to provide you with complete luxury yet the design remains compact, simple and cosy. The tub has a wide round sill with simple stairs, a natural colour thanks to the use of wood and a minimalist design which makes it all the more appealing. Setting it up in your garden is bound to provide you with a relaxing and soothing experience. 
This hot tub is super simple to install and easier to run.  They are fuelled by an inbuilt 'wood burning stove'.

At Four Seasons Fuels we have recently added the hot tub to our portfolio and is available almost nationwide. The response for the hot tub is already very good. Don't miss this chance of a little luxury at home.