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Blog »  The NEW coal yard for winter 2014

Have you ever considered co-firing as an option for the open fires or your wood burning stoves? Though not a very common and widely applied practice this concept comes with certain benefits of its own.

You might be wondering what exactly is co-firing? Co-firing in a fire in simple terms is basically burning a mixture of more than one type of fuel used simultaneously. It often includes the burning of coal with other types of fuel.

This concept is taking root considering the fact that mixing coal with other fuels such as fire logs can be advantageous. There are quite a few benefits of mixing coal with logs in the fire. First and foremost, coal burns much hotter than the fire logs thus increasing the amount of heat generated. Coal also burns for a longer period of time. So with coal in the fire logs, you do not need to continuously keep on adding logs to the fire. So if you are busy entertaining at home just relaxing tending to the fire will be the least of your worries!

Besides with the mixture of coal and logs on an open fire you can still enjoy the aroma of burning fire logs. By adding coal to the fire, while you can still enjoy the benefits of longevity and a hotter fire, you can still retain the look of a log fire. Adding a few lumps of coal to the logs in the open fire or in the wood burning stoves will also control the moisture content in the fire logs so that your appliances remain clean. There is also a lesser built up of tar on the walls of the chimney. So basically, adding coal provides you with benefits that are not only economical but at the same time practical as well.

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