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Blog »  Use and advantages of Fire Lighters

Fire lighters are the best means to ignite wood quickly without too much of a hassle. (Not needed form lighting our charcoal as it is such good quality)
Getting the fire up and burning can at times prove to be a tedious job which is made easy by these lighters. Here are a few advantages and how our Fire Lighters come in handy while starting up your log or coal fires:
Our firelighters are more efficient than standard solid firelighters
These are simple, clean and easy to use
Their flashpoint is higher
They are free of aromatic solvents and are odourless
Their burning time is longer than many other firelighters
These are non toxic and do not leave behind any residue
These are bio degradable
These are absolutely safe to use, handle and carry as these are non explosive
When one sachet is placed in your fire and lit, it immediately burns at a very high temperature causing the fuel in your fire to catch very quickly.
Buy our firelighters and ensure that your fire starts blazing in no time at all, allowing you to enjoy your barbecues or cozy up in the warmth of your home in no time at all.