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Blog »  Use chimney cleaning logs to help prevent chimney fires

The main cause of chimney fires is creosote deposits that form in the chimney after prolonged use. Creosote deposits accumulate over time when the wood burns and releases unburnt gases. The unburnt gases condensate on the chimney walls and form tarry creosote deposits. If allowed to collect and the chimney is left unclean for a long time, this creosote build-up can become quite hazardous and could catch fire at some point.

An easy solution to this problem is using Chimney Cleaning Logs. These can reduce creosote deposits in wood-burning stoves and flues and are very simple to use. A chimney cleaning log in the fireplace can render the creosote more brittle and lower the volatile organic compounds in the chimney. This effect helps make subsequent mechanical sweeping easier, cleaner and more effective.

Whether using an open fire or wood / multi-fuel stove, a brick, lined or stainless steel twin wall chimney, a chimney cleaning log will help to prevent chimney fires.

We recommend that these should be used every 60 fires to treat and reduce the creosote build-up. Order yours today, ready for the first fires of winter! Avoid the hidden dangers of creosote up your chimney walls.

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