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Blog »  Uses of Hotspot Lagging Rope

High and extreme temperature rope laggings have quite a few uses. Wherever it is necessary to lag and insulate pipe work and components, rope laggings are the best option.
These work especially well where a soft and pliable construction is required for squeezing into tight places.
At Four Seasons Fuels we sell Hotspot glass fibre woven lagging rope which has a number of different applications:
· For fitting between surrounds, firebacks or where any gap needs to be filled with a flexible expansion material that has insulation qualities
· High temperature pipe lagging and wrapping
· Sealing and insulating around oven and furnace doors, boiler doors, tank lid sealing and stove insulation.
· For filter bag sealing
· Expansion joint packing
· Groove filling
Visit our website for details and directions of use for different purposes. We provide free local delivery on orders over £30 to certain postcodes. More information on the website.