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Blog »  Using Chimney Cleaning Logs Instead of a Professional Sweep?

We have recently been asked about some articles in which chimney cleaning logs are suggested as an alternative to a chimney sweep, promising a super clean chimney after use. Chimney cleaning logs are excellent products, helping to prevent chimney fires and also treat and reduce creosote build-up in your fireplace chimney. But they definitely do not replace the occasional need for a professional chimney sweep service.
Chimney cleaning logs help loosen up the thick layer of creosote that is often seen after a wood fire. What a chimney cleaning log can do is turn the creosote that has built up into a flaky and brittle layer which is easy to clean and can be scraped off without difficulty. Although very effective, the chimney cleaning log isn’t a miracle cure that will keep your chimney sparkling clean and isn’t an appropriate alternative to a professional cleaning service.
But what these logs do well is make the chimney sweep’s job easier and keeps your chimneys relatively clean and safe for longer. So, they won’t replace your need for a professional chimney sweep, but a chimney cleaning log can increase the amount of time between required sweeps, offering you some savings in the long run.