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Blog »  What are the benefits of using heat logs?

    •    Heat logs make a great alternative to solid fuels.
    •    Heat logs offer you great value for money.
    •    Heat logs make a sustainable choice, as these are produced from hardwood sawdust, waste shavings and woodchips.
    •    The carbon emission from these is less than from wood.

    •    They give out 40 to 50% more heat than logs.
    •    Heat logs make a cleaner fuel option as compared to seasoned firewood.
    •    These leave hardly any residue behind in the form of ash.
    •    Heat logs rarely sizzle or spit making them the ideal choice for open fireplaces.
    •    The wood briquettes for ease of use are pressed into special blocks. Lighting them up is hassle free.
    •    These contain less moisture because of which these burn longer too.
    •    Storage is easy since these are lightweight. These are more or less evenly sized and compact and the heat output is even too.

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