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Blog »  What is BioChar, and what are the benefits?

BioChar is often used by professional gardeners. It can be used in tubs and pots for aiding healthy seedling growth. This also helps improve the nutrient content in the soil to produce healthier plants.
BioChar is regarded as the best supplement for healthier and more productive plant growth. Suitable for herbs, flowers, vegetables and also hanging baskets. Created using a pyrolysis process, this involves heating of the biomass in a low oxygen environment.

Once produced, biochar is spread on agricultural fields and incorporated into the top layer of soil with many agricultural benefits:
    •    Increases crop yield
    •    It helps prevent fertilizer runoff and leeching
    •    It allows the use of fewer fertilizers
    •    Reduces agricultural pollution
    •    Helps retain moisture in the soil
    •    Helps plants easily through periods of drought
    •    Replenishes soils with organic carbon
    •    Fosters growth of soil microbes
    •    Helps lower acidity  
    •    Makes stronger plants  
    •    Less contamination  
    •    Promotes seed germination

Apart from agriculture, BioChar has other beneficial uses too. Its absorption qualities make it a good solution for odour control. It is useful for odour control in the home, pet odours, compost piles, bathrooms, etc! Its water retention properties make it useful in reducing mildew in damp areas. Even for your house plants, biochar is great for boosting growth and creating healthy plants.
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