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Blog »  Why are Nugget Briquettes a Good option? : Four Seasons Fuel, UK

Nugget briquettes are fuel logs that offer a fantastic alternative to heat logs. Produced from recycled English Woodland oak sawdust from local sawmills around the UK, they are also an eco-friendly option.

Why should you go for these nugget briquettes?
· They are clean and cost-effective compared to kiln-dried or seasoned logs
· Nuggets give off a warm healthy flame
· The burning time extends to quite a few hours and reaches high temperatures quickly
· The carbon footprint left behind by nuggets is low as these are a clean and green way of heating your home
· Nuggets are very clean and easy to store
· Perfect for use in open fires, multi-fuel stoves, wood burners
· Getting the fire started is also quite easy as these are easy to light with a small amount of kindling
· Nuggets do not contain any artificial additives and are just a natural wood product with a low moisture content of approx. 10%
· Nuggets can also be used in summer for use in chimeneas, open fire pits and glamping sites etc.

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