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Blog »  Why choose our firewood for your wood-burning stove?

Four Seasons Fuel supplies firewood acquired only from the local forestry. We are one of the largest suppliers of firewood across the UK. 

Here are the reasons why we feel you should buy firewood and fuels from us at Four Seasons:

  •  Acquired from stainable woodland and forestry
  •  Available in split logs that are easy to store
  •  Suitable for burning in wood-burning stoves, wood burners as well as open fires
  •  Well seasoned with minimum moisture content
  •  Wide variety of wood options:
  •  Apple
  •  Pear
  •  Ash
  •  Beech
  •  Hornbeam
  •  Birch
  •  Blackthorn
  •  Hawthorn 
  •  Cherry 
  •  Cypress 
  •  Hazel 
  •  Holly 
  •  Horse Chestnut 
  •  Larch 
  •  Maple
  •  Oak 
  •  Pine 
  •  Willow

 Each of these wood types comes with different properties. Follow the link to understand their characteristics.

We provide our firewood logs loose, in metre bags or netted bags. Netted logs are 8 inches (200mm) filled in bags that are length 24 inches(610mm) x depth 18 inches(460mm). These provide about 4-5 hours burn time although this will vary,

If you are looking for quality firewood logs, get in touch with us. We deliver locally for free if over £30.