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Blog »  Why Choose Our Low Carbon Charcoal?

At Four Seasons Fuels, we produce our Charcoal on-site at our yard near Billingshurst, West Sussex using our own design of Charcoal Retorts that offer a number of advantages. A by-product of our charcoal production is  BioChar that contains charcoal pieces. BioChar has been used for years by professional gardeners to improve nutrient availability, soil structure and to produce healthier plants. This essentially means that the entire production process is eco-friendly and with minimal and unavoidable waste.

Why use our locally produced charcoal?

    •    No need to use lighter fuel which means no tainted food. All you need is a twisted paper to light it.
    •    Our charcoal burns hot and reaches cooking temperature within 15 minutes
    •    Sold in handy 3kg and 6kg bags, you can click and collect or arrange free local delivery in bulk
    •    Since it is locally produced and sold in West Sussex, the carbon footprint of unnecessary transportation is reduced as well
    •    It is produced using locally sourced and sustainable wood produced from coppiced woodland. This keeps our woodland habitats in great condition for wildlife. Reclaimed wood from sawmills is also used which further reduces waste 
    •    Burns clean and leaves barely any residue behind
    •    Burns for a long time

At Four Seasons we have a comprehensive stock of all kinds of fuels and fire accessories. Browse through our website to have a look at our quality products.