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Blog »  Why you should use ‘chimney cleaning’ logs

Although it is an easy to forget task, regular chimney maintenance is a necessity in order to ensure that it remains clean and is free of any kind of fire hazard.
A clean chimney also means cleaner smoke, better for you and the environment. Whilst a periodic chimney sweep service is essential to keep your chimneys clean and soot free, there are products that you can make use of on your own to maintain the cleanliness of your chimney.
At Four Seasons Fuels we have the chimney cleaning logs that help prevent chimney fires. These logs effectively treat and reduce creosote build up in your fireplace/wood burner and chimney which can be the reason for chimney fires. The Chimney Cleaning Logs can reduce creosote deposits by making them brittle and lower the volatile organic compounds in the chimney. These are absolutely non-messy, require no tools and are absolutely hassle free to use.
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