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Blog »  Winter FireStarter Packs

Are you ready for the cold weather - that decision to light up the fire or stove for the first time as Autumn turns to Winter?

Starting a fire isn’t always the easiest of the tasks, and without the right materials, it might take a considerable amount of time. Our winter fire starter kit can come in handy to get you started, including all the necessary things that help you to safely and quickly light your indoor fireplaces and stoves.

At Four Seasons Fuels, we have handy large or small open fire starter packs that comprises everything that is required to get your fire going.

Here is a list of Contents:
Large Pack
10 x 20Kg bags of Doubles House Coal
10 x nets of seasoned logs
5 x nets of kindling
2 x pack of 25 wood wool of Firelighters
all for £165.00

Small Pack 
5 x 20Kg bags of Doubles House Coal
5 x nets of seasoned logs
3 x nets of kiln-dried kindling
2 x pack of 25 wood wool Firelighters
all for £95.00

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