Fire Lighters
100 sachets of hot burning solvent free lighter material for open fires & BBQs
The Burner Firestarter firelighters are supplied in a tub of 100 sachets. These firelighters are more efficient than standard solid firelighters as they have a higher flashpoint and are free of aromatic solvents. When one to three sachets are placed in your fire and lit, they immediately burn at a very high temperature causing the fuel in your fire to catch very quickly. These odourless, highly efficient firelighters are useful for lighting most types of fuelincluding wood, charcoal and coal.

CLICK & COLLECT applies to some packs of logs, single packs of kindling, coal, charcoal, salt, HOTSPOT flamable items, homefire fire lighters, paraffin and starter packs of coal and wood.


Price: £10  

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