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RETORT AND WOOD KILN DRYER » Our new design compact wood kiln drier

Our compact wood drier will kiln dry 12 cmt3 of wood at temperature between 60 – 70 degree C
Our drier if fully insulated including the flooring which has 100mm insulation. Making sure that the heat is not lost during the process
Drying fans:
6 x 355mm Compact design created by the combination of the 6 motors with the matched direct drive wrap around impeller hub with speed controls with mounting plate, motor support and finger proof guard protected by cataphoresis primer and black polyester paint finish. Stainless steel screws
Impellers are dynamically balanced, cording to ISO 1940 standard, giving vibration free operation
All the motors are IP65, Class F insulation, equipped with thermal protection.
Electrical supply: Single phase 230V-50Hz, All fan are wired up with heat proof cabling
Exhorts fan:
Unlike conventual wood dries we use exhort fan to remove the stale moisture from the wood but also bring in new fresh air from the rear vent.
Electrical supply: Single phase 230V-50Hz, All fan are wired up with heat proof cabling with speed control. Speed:1290 (r.p.m.) Sound: 68 (dB(A))
Maximum: 650 watts
Air to air heater:
Our air to air 34Kw heater which has been modified for our use in the 20ft container has the compacity to heat air intake
10kg - Fuel consumption per hour - Maxim heat 95 degree C – air heat exchanger input 2200m3 per hour. 2 x Exhaust ports 180mm
Also fitted with a fully stainless steel chimney total 4mtrs.
Internal Insulation:
All sides of the container are fully insulated with 40mm with steel lining, flooring is fully insulated with 100m top with 25mm marine ply.
Internal build:
All internal build frame is fully galvanised to stop internal moisture from penetrating for long life.
Air circulation:
We have given this drier the max air flow we can of Maximum: 30,000 (m3/h) but with the variable speed control can reduce this to 15,000 (m3h)

Pending on what species of wood. (Oak may take longer) our trials was with Hornbeam and Ash with some Oak wood

We tried to give an all round trial the (Ash = 16%, Hornbeam = 18%, Oak = 22%) from an average moisture content of 31% to 29%
These test was a mixed cages of all over 3 working day (8) total of (24Hrs) at 65-80 degree C.
Our 30Kw air to air heater that we had modified by the manufactures will give a steady heat over 3hrs with a full fire box, on our trails
We used kiln dried fire wood which gave us good content heat (total amount of wood over 2hrs = 8-10kgs)

Price from £25,000 + vat


Price: £25,000  

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